Victory Gardens

With the coming of World War II, the members of GCW worked with the State Victory Gardens organization to create a course of lectures in growing vegetables and obtained the use of four acres of good farmland in Greenville for Victory Garden allotments.  Of the Club’s 49 members, 48 grew vegetables and 23 raised some form of meat including chickens, ducks, turkeys, squabs, dairy and beef cattle, sheep and hogs, and several also had bee hives.

Churchyard of Old Swedes Church

After the war, the Club turned its focus on the restoration of the churchyard of Old Swedes Church.  This daunting job included resetting approximately 350 gravestones and erecting the 16-foot wall along the railroad line.  The project was completed in time for the 250th anniversary of Old Swedes Church on May 25, 1948.