The Ronald McDonald House

All the Delaware garden clubs donate and arrange flowers for the dining room at the Ronald McDonald House during the summer months.  This tradition was started in 1991 by our member, the late Bert Melloy. During the holidays, the Club donates colorful cyclamen plants that are placed on the dining room tables to provide a cheery atmosphere during the holidays for the families residing at the house.  Our members have volunteered here for over 25 years.

Holiday Bedside Decorations

Starting in 1995, each member creates a bedside arrangement to bring to the December membership meeting.  These arrangements are delivered to a local nursing home for patients to enjoy during the holidays.

Goodstay Gardens

The Goodstay Gardens are a part of the University of Delaware’s Goodstay Center, halfway between Wilmington and Greenville.  The property was once owned by Ellen du Pont Wheelwright, the daughter of GCW’s first president, Mrs. T. Coleman du Pont. The Friends of Goodstay approached the GCW in 1996 to refurbish the reflecting pool and surrounding plantings at the end of the magnolia walk.  The club donated $30,000 to the project.

The Read House Garden

The Read House was built for George Read II, son of a Delaware signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  It stands in a garden originally laid out in 1848. The boxwood plantings were suffering from blight when the Delaware Historical Society approached the Club for help.  GCW members researched resistant boxwood cultivars and in 1997 the club voted to donate $10,000 to replant 4,000 boxwood plants to line the flower beds, as in the original design.